About Al Quds College

Al Quds College, a member of the LUMINUS Group, was established in 1980 and has a 28-year legacy as a leading private community college in Jordan.

Its goal is to provide its students with a world class education, based on a career oriented curriculum that is developed in tandem with the Jordan 2020 work plan.

Al Quds College’s 6 areas of academic specializations and 19 programs are led by a faculty with educational expertise and industry knowledge which helps bring a balance of both theoretical and practical education for students to ensure they are equipped for the work force upon graduation.

Al Quds College is also pleased to be able to provide its student with international certification courses in certain areas of specialization through its Vocational Training & Career Development Center (VTCDC).

These internationally accredited programs include:

  • ICDL in English for all specializations
  • Real World Business Essentials & Typing for Management & Finance Program
  • Innovative Software for interior design specialization
  • Advanced Graphics (SAE) for Graphic Design specialization
  • Essentials of Hotel and Tourism Management & Typing for Hotel & Tourism Management Program
  • English for Special Purposes for Nursing, Pharmacy & Optics & Medical Glasses Specializations
  • Advanced Computer Applications for Architects for Architecture Specialization
About Al-Quds College

كلية القدس واحدة من كليات المجتمع القيادية في الأردن؛ فإضافةً على كونها عضواً في مجموعة لومينوس ، فإنها تفخر بأنها قد تأسست منذ 35 عاماً في عام 1980، ولها منذ لحظة تأسيسها رصيد تعليمي غني يتميز بالقدرة على التكيف مع تطورات العصر والاستجابة لاحتياجات الجيل الناشئ ومتطلبات أسواق العمل على حدٍّ سواء.

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